Looking for a new centerpiece activity for your next special day? Or are you just looking to spice up your regular game day? We have all the support you need to make gaming the center of your next big day.

If you have a weekly game day you want to bring out of the house, we have open gaming tables in a clean and roomy atmosphere. Or, if you want to have a private space to enhance the atmosphere, we have a backroom for rent with extra amenities.

Our board game selection and open play space makes us great for a board game night. We have a vibrant gaming community here that meets weekly and is always looking for more players. Whatever you want for your game night is available at Critical Hit Games.

Gaming also makes a great centerpiece event for birthdays and the like. Whether you’re a parent looking to plan a day event for the kids, or an adult who wants to have a special day where everyone gets together for a big game night, Critical Hit Games can accommodate with snacks, event planning, and a private play space for everyone to enjoy.

Make Critical Hit Games the location for your next big game-centered party or special event, we’d love to have you.