Who We Are

 Critical Hit Games is your friendly local gaming store, located near the 91 freeway in the heart of Corona, CA. We’re a small boardgame with a vibrant and lively community of players, and a welcoming and open environment for any and all game enthusiasts.

Critical Hit Games isn’t run by small business owners who saw an opening in the industry, its run by nerds and game enthusiasts who love the games we sell as much as our customers. You’ll find us in a game just as often as standing behind the counter. We know our customers, because we’re the same as our customers.

What We Offer

We offer a multitude of services and activities for all age groups and ranges of interest. Whether you’re looking for a casual game night with friends, a new game group to join, or a competitive atmosphere to test yourself against, Critical Hit Games has it all. From miniature painting classes taught by one of our regular patrons and weekly wargaming seminars, to regular TCG tournaments and multiple board game hobby meetups, our store can support whatever gaming desire you may have.

We also have event hosting options, in case you want to make a special day of your gaming hobby. From birthdays for kids and adults alike, to campaign climax sessions, to simple board game celebrations, we can work with you to make the day special.

Unlike most shops, Critical Hit Games doesn’t have a favorite hobby or game. Instead, we regularly host groups from all walks of the tabletop gaming genre. We have multiple regular board game meetups around the store, a looking-for-group board that is updated weekly for RPG players, regular Keyforge and Magic: The Gathering tournaments as well as free play space for each, and miniatures games groups that are more than willing to onboard new players. We strive to be the best friendly local gaming store around!

Where We Came From

Critical Hit Games started as a convention only business, traveling between California, Colorado, and Utah for gaming, comic, and anime conventions. Then, in 2018, we found an opportunity to open a physical location. So, on March 7th, 2019, Critical Hit Games opened its doors to Southern California residents; and its been an amazing time ever since. We’ve only grown since then, and our customers have grown with us. We’ve added new sections to our store, expanded our boardgame and RPG selections, jumped headlong into the TCG scene, and much more. We hope you would like to join us in the fun and become a part of this happy and growing community, so come down to Corona and see what all the hype is about!